About Us

Greenmark IT is a professional IT services company.  We provide IT Management, Consulting Services, and world-class support to small to medium-sized businesses.

Our focus is to provide maximum business value to our clients, enabling them to grow their business by delivering measurable improvement.

Our client-first approach favors the client - always.

What We Do

On-Call IT Services

Small Businesses need IT support, fast.  Give us a call; we'll be there for you.

Contact us today.

Managed IT Services

Small businesses that require high network availability and productivity from their employees need Managed Services.

Find out why.

Cloud Hosting Services

Buying a server isn't always the best thing for your business.

Find out why.

Compliance Services

If you are a medical practice, you have to implement HIPAA.  It's the law.  It's also very complicated.

We make it easy.