Managed Services

Managed Services allows a business to offload IT operations to a service provider, known as a Managed Services Provider. The managed service provider assumes an ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for the IT systems within a business.

Managed Services vs. Break-Fix

If your network isn't under a Managed Services Contract, you are employing the Break-Fix method of maintenance.  Simply put; something breaks, your IT provider fixes it and sends you a bill.

The difference is this: If your network is being maintained by Break-Fix, your IT provider hopes something breaks so they can profit.  Under Managed Services, where you pay a fixed rate every month, your IT provider is doing everything they can to ensure that nothing breaks so that they can keep their profit.  Only one of these methods favors the customer.

Additional Downsides of Break-Fix

Employing the Break-Fix method of maintenance has several other downsides.

Because nothing is fixed until it is broken, the customer is affected by downtime.  Downtime costs money because production is lost.

Additionally, the Break-Fix mentality prevents a business from being competitive with their competition due to lack of planning for the future.  Because your business is always dealing with problems that are occurring "now", you're already behind the curve.  Businesses that are serviced by a Managed Services company meet with their provider on a regular basis to plan and budget for equipment upgrades, engineer projects, and review statistics allowing the owner(s) to make informed decisions.

What does Managed Services Include?

Greenmark IT Managed Services includes the following services:

Layered Security

Our own special mix of security products designed to protect you against today's threats.  We employ firewalls, Intrusion Prevention, breach detection, DNS filtering, content filtering, antivirus, and antimalware.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our Backup & Disaster Recovery solution not only backs up your files to the cloud, but allows us to completely recover your computing environment to new hardware should the worst of disasters occur.

Microsoft Office 365

Modern workers can't be productive without Word, Excel, and Outlook.  Office 365 apps on your computer and in the cloud are always up to date and ready to get down to business.

Microsoft Exchange

Your business can't look professional if you're still using a address.  Microsoft Exchange is email on steroids; fully synchronized email folders, calendars, and contacts across all your devices along with easy to configure out-of-office auto replies.  We include enterprise-grade spam and phishing protection, and even HIPAA-compliant email encryption when required.  All delivered with your own custom .com, .net., or .org domain name.

Website Hosting

Every business needs a website!  Greenmark IT Managed Services includes web hosting, making it easier for us to monitor your web presence and keep it secure.

Remote Support

Over 96% of the problem tickets we work on are resolved remotely.  Our secure remote access software allows us to fix your issues and get you back to work, lightning-quick.

Onsite Support

Sometimes there is no substitute for having a professional come to you.  Our Managed Services contracts include on-site labor, protecting you from expensive, unexpected bills.

24/7 Monitoring

Greenmark IT Managed Services deploys monitoring software & hardware to alert us to potential issues and service outages.

Proactive Maintenance

Your IT infrastructure needs maintenance and patching, ideally before issues arise.  Greenmark Managed Services puts a host of automated maintenance mechanisms into place that keep your PC's, servers, and network running at 100%.


How do you know your Managed Services provider is keeping your network safe and maintained?  Weekly reports along with monthly summaries show you exactly how your IT infrastructure is doing.

Virtual CIO

Your Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) is your single point of contact responsible for meeting with you on a regular basis to discuss how things are going, how they could be better, and to plan for and implement changes that benefit your business.