HIPAA was signed into law on August 21st, 1996.

Over the course of 20 years, compliance within small private medical practices has been very low, with the number of audits and fines increasing exponentially.

The primary reason that compliance uptake has been so low is the high level of confusion regarding HIPAA.  Practices don't know if they need to implement the law in their practice (this tool can help).  Once need is established, where to start?

Greenmark IT can help.  We have partnered with The Compliancy Group to provide a complete HIPAA solution that includes all required documentation, training, risk assessments, and IT systems.

Compliancy Group clients have had a 100% pass rate for HHS OCR audits and zero fines paid.  Greenmark IT is the only HIPAA-compliant IT provider from Presque Isle to Portland (were you aware your IT provider must be HIPAA-compliant?).  Together, we are the best solution for your medical practice.

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