School budgets are shrinking, forcing districts to do more with fewer resources.  Greenmark IT can help your district balance the budget!

IT Staffing

Greenmark IT can work with your school district to either supplement or replace your current on-site IT staff.

When supplementing a district, we work with the current on-site IT staff to manage the current infrastructure and plan for the future.  This greatly reduces the stress placed on the district IT staff because now they have a knowledgeable partner they trust to cover vacations and sick days, respond to emergencies, and provide extra manpower for big projects.

When replacing your current on-site staff, we use a mixture of on-site and remote administration methods to bring you a level of service equal to or better than dedicated staff at a much lower cost.


Most schools already have Google Apps for Education and would like to move to a server-free environment, but still need to keep their School Information System and Library Card Catalog up and running.

Greenmark IT helps schools achieve a true server-free environment by hosting your SIS, card catalog, and file storage in our cloud, all for less than the annualized cost of owning your own server!  We work directly with Follett Destiny, Wicked Good Software, and PowerSchool.  In addition, our CloudFiles product gives your Administration and Special Education departments a secure, encrypted file vault for their documents that they can access and update from anywhere.

MSLN Management

Greenmark works directly with the Maine State Libraries Network to provide broadband Internet access to schools.  We will manage your connections to MSLN by working with them on upgrades, monitoring the quality of the connection, and responding to outages.

MLTI Management

Greenmark IT is the only IT company certified to manage the Maine Learning Technology Initiative Apple device program.  Greenmark regularly attends MLTI conferences and training on behalf of your district, ensuring you get the best service and knowledge we can provide.

Managed WIFI

Greenmark provides enterprise class, cloud-managed WIFI networks for schools.


Greenmark IT can help you lower your phone bill by designing a Voice Over IP connection that integrates with your existing phone system.  We work closely with GWI and Northwoods Communications to bring you the best service possible.